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Ombre is a cryptonote currency and, being based on Monero, the codebase has been used and tested by millions of users all over the world. Our mission is to enhance the cryptonote protocol to provide a fast, secure and user friendly coin.

Fast transactions

A 60 second block time makes it that transactions are confirmed quicker than most other coins, including monero. This means you will have to wait 50% or less time when buying goods or services.

Untracable transactions

Your transactions are untracable: amongst several features to deliver full privacy; we enforce a ring size of 10 to ensure safety from blockchain analysis.

An innovative developer funding system is build in the blockchain and gives 1% of the block reward to the project so we can fund long-term development and support.

Unique emission scheme

Ombre's block reward changes every 6-months and is inspired by real-world mining production like crude oil and coal. Such emissions are often slow at first, accelerated in the next few years before declined and depleted. This great emission scheme was first introduced in Sumokoin and reimplemented in Ombre.

The best community

We have a vibrant community that welcomes new coin users on a daily basis. Our devs and community believe in cooperation between coins rather than competition which result in openmindness and acceptance.